All Snakes Are Scared Of These Five Animals!

Snakes are still part of the food chain for some animals brave enough to dare it. As dangerous as they are, they might as well say their last prayer whenever they encounter any of them! All snakes are scared of these five animals!

Snakes are one of the most commendable predators of the wild, even though they cannot walk as most other organisms do. They are mostly smaller and weigh less than most other predators. However, what they lack in proper mobility, they make up for ferociousness. With fangs filled with deadly venom that can kill almost anything! With all these notoriety,

However, almost everything in this world has its match. Some animals have actually evolved to prefer snakes as part of their daily diet!

These animals are fond of hunting for snakes specifically and gobbling them up as a meal without dying! Either unaffected by the venom or having adapted to learnt to hunt and kill snakes without being bitten, these animals excel at hunting and killing even the most dangerous snakes. Without taking any more time, let us get right to it!

All snakes are scared of these animals!

1.  Mongoose

All Snakes Are Scared Of These Five Animals!

The ultimate snake killer! This animal is the world’s number one snake hunter. Its main diet consist of eating up any snake that is unlucky enough to cross its path!

Some sub species are known to fight and kill cobras. They can accomplish this task due to their agility and their thick coats, which cover their entire body.

All Snakes Are Scared Of These Five Animals!

2.  Eagle

an image of an eagle
All Snakes Are Scared Of These Five Animals!

The most noble among the birds, the mighty eagle!

A symbol of strength and freedom to many nations. However, only few know that this bird does not only hunt fish, and other small mammals, they hunt some of the most dangerous snakes also. They are not immune to the venom, however their speed and the ability to fly gives them an advantage against the slithering creature.

Eagles have been observed to dive and pick up snakes from the ground, fly to a high altitude and drop the down to fall and die. Talk about cold murder huh!

All Snakes Are Scared Of These Five Animals!

3. Honey badger

This is the craziest animal on the list!

This honey badger is a crazy hunter going after some of the most dangerous snakes in the whole world. They are not immune to snake bites, but their thick coat, agility, aggressiveness, claws and fangs turn them to serial killers!

What’s worse? They start eating the snake’s head as soon as they grab hold of it! They do not kill first, so they basically eat the snake alive.

After a honey badger consumes a venomous snake, the venom puts them into a cozy frenzy. Their mouths foam, they are unable to move for a certain period. After their stomach processes the venom, they get up, and begin their search for another venomous snake to devour!

All Snakes Are Scared Of These Five Animals!

4. Bobcat

Bob cat aren’t necessarily snake hunters. However, they are opportunistic animals. If they are hungry and see a snake, then its dinner time!

Bobcats do not have an natural antivenom, nor are they immune. They solely depend also on their agility like other small cat species as they have one of the fastest reflexes of any animal.

They tend to dodge the snake strike and go straight for the head!

A bobcat killing a snake

5. King snake

A snake

In case you do not know, some Snakes love killing and eating, well other snakes!

One snake common of this cannibalistic behavior is the king snake. These snakes for have a taste for its fellow kind in the wild and doesn’t hesitate to kill, and eat any other snake it can swallow. They have been observed to hunt other smaller snakes as prey as well.

A kingsnake swallowing another king snake
All Snakes Are Scared Of These Five Animals!



An oppossum

This furry looking animal is immune to all snake venom!

They can survive 100 snakebites because of a serum protein in their blood. This protein neutralizes the venom produced by snakes. This immunity to snake venom (the most lethal weapon of most snakes) grant them the ability to take on the most dangerous snakes and live to tell the tale.

An oppossum killing a snake

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