Are these Demons Stronger Than Angels? Read to find out Top Demons with Immense Power

Are these Demons Stronger Than Angels? Read to find out Top Demons with Immense Power

Are these Demons Stronger Than Angels? Learn all about the Top Demons with Immense Power. Read below to find out more!

 We can all agree on one thing, the name itself “demon” brings fear to where ever it could be a horror movie, a personal experience or even a story narrated. Real or not, the word Demon represents darkness, fear, and catastrophe.

At the mention of the word “hell”, the first thing that comes to mind is a vast wasteland, raging with fire. Filled with Souls that were once sinners on earth, Hell sums up to a place meant for everlasting torment.

It is common knowledge that each angel in heaven has a responsibility or duty to perform in either heaven or earth. However, few know that this same type of Hierarchy is similar to hell as it is in heaven. Hellfire is filled with powerful beings that are distinguished by many attributes like power, entitlement, and task given. As in the case of angels, the hierarchy of demons includes different demon ranks, attributes, and domains to rule.

Each one serves a special purpose, and many are the twisted mirror image of an angel in Heaven. So are these demons stronger than angels?

These are the most powerful demons that might be stronger than most Angels

1. Leviathan: (Prince of Hell and Demon of Heresy and Envy)

Are these Demons Stronger Than Angels? Read to find out Top Demons with Immense Power

Leviathan is the crown prince of Hell who represents the sin of envy. In the Christian Bible, the Leviathan is an enormous sea creature that roams the waters. He is also considered to be one of the demons who used to be seraphim angels, the burning angels that surround God on his throne.

Saint Peter is Leviathan’s opposite. Leviathan is associated with heretics – those who speak out against the faith and rules of the church. Beelzebub, the “Lord of the Flies” rules over the Order of the Fly and appears as a large winged insect when summoned. He opposes Saint Francis of Assisi and serves the sin of gluttony, while also preying on human pride in his attempts to gain followers.

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Before accompanying Lucifer in his fall from Heaven, Beelzebub was in the cherubim order as an attendant of God. Witches routinely claim loyalty to Beelzebub, while religions have named him the prince of devils and false gods for his attempts to push heresy among the faithful.

Some sources place Beelzebub as next in the NEXT LIST line for the throne of Hell, with only Satan or Lucifer ahead of him. As Hell’s chief of staff, Beelzebub takes care of turmoil by demanding solidarity among Satanists to keep Lucifer’s affairs in order.

2. Satan (Lucifer)

Are these Demons Stronger Than Angels? Read to find out Top Demons with Immense Power

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Number two on our list is Satan!

“The name “Satan” is common among almost every believer. Satan is the crown prince of Hell who rules over and embodies the sin of wrath. Due to movies, poets, and musicians, Satan has now been depicted by a large monster, with long, gouging horns and growls like that of a beast.

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In the scriptures, God tested Job in the Bible using Satan; he actively encouraged the righteous man to disobey the Holy Word of God. He is often called upon in witchcraft for spiritual powers, which are used to harm, or induce pain and suffering.

Also called Lucifer, he outranks all other demons and even most of the angels in heaven, bearing the name “Emperor of Hell”, Lucifer was the angel who originally orchestrated the rebellion from heaven fell from Heaven after betraying God. This assumption that he is a fallen angel is often based on the book of Isaiah in the bible, which says, “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weakens the nations?”

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