DO Animals Dream The same Way Humans Do?

Animals are intense, smart and wonderful creatures. They share all characteristics we do as living things. They eat, move, breath, sleep and so on. Chimpanzees can even be taught to write and count! However, do Animals dream?


Humans experience an amazing phenomenon whenever we fall sleep. We are able to dive into a world of imagination and experience in our minds and live those visuals while we are unconscious in the dream state.

To the question, many curious minds have wondered at a time in their life;

Do Animals Dream When They Sleep As Humans Do?

Intensive study has been employed into this very topic. It is impossible to observe an animal dream directly, so there is no easy way to determine if they dream or not. However, Scientists have studied a few selected animals’ brains using indirect means to figure out if animals also dream while they slept. The results of these experiments can be used to conclude if animals in fact do experience dreaming whenever they fall asleep.

These are some of the experience and their results:

1. REM (Rapid Eye Movement)

An image of a Dog sleeping. Animals dream

Whenever a person dreams, their eyes move back and forth, they are unable to move or roll much, and there are a lot of electrical activities in the brain. This phase of sleeping is called the REM SLEEP.

This phase of sleeping corresponds with being in a dream state in humans. Therefore, whenever a person begins to experience REM sleep, they start dreaming!

After careful study in animals (mammals mostly), scientists were able to understand that some animals seem to go into this stage of Rapid Eye Movement sleep! Therefore, it was deduced that if humans dream during this stage, that it is highly probable that animals do too!

2. Rats Puzzle

An image of a rat sleeping  Animals dream

In the year 2001, Scientists studied the brain patterns of a rat while it moved through a maze. The results of the brain activity were recorded . The same study was conducted while the rat experienced REM sleep. The results of the brain activities was compared in a lab. It was observed that the brain patterns were very similar to each other! This indicates that the rat could have been dreaming about the maze while it slept! (Journal neutron)

Now these few experiments do not tell us directly if animals dream or not, but they do hint at the fact that they might do!

“It’s uncertain whether animals dream but from experimental observations, it seems very likely, (Hugo Spiers, an experimental psychologist at University College London).

An image of a fox sleeping

Do comment down below and share your thoughts! Have you ever experienced something strange while your pet slept?

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