Make Your Android Battery Last Longer with these easy hacks

Make Your Android Battery Last Longer with these easy hacks

Android devices never stop impressing us with the super camera, the high-resolution display, the thinner sizes, the faster processors, and the spectacular UI designs. But unfortunately, usage of all these high-powered specs comes at a huge price. They drain your Phone’s battery life faster. However, that is far from what people want. they want their android battery to last longer. the first one

These are simple tricks you can try now to elongate your phone not-dead time by making it last even for a longer duration, even during intense usage.

Here are hacks you can try out to make your battery last for hours on end!

1. Force Stop All Background Apps

Whenever you minimize an app you are using, it stays running in the background rather than exiting itself. So you end up having unused apps stealing your precious phone life.

Here is how to Force Stop Apps from Running in The Background.

In settings, check for and open the Apps menu (Apps& notifications)

Open App info to display all the applications installed on your device. Open any application and you will be presented with the app details menu. Press on the Force stop option and confirm yes.

Make battery last longer - screenshot
Make battery last longer - screenshot
Make battery last longer - screenshot

Repeat the steps for the rest of the applications you don’t use.

NOTE: Force-stopping an app will completely stop it from running until you open the app again. 

2. Turn down the Brightness 

The level of brightness of your phone screen is one of the leading factors in battery consumption. That’s why your battery drains slower when it’s inactive and the screen is off. Your Android uses more battery while the screen is on, especially if you have your brightness at high levels.

Here is a simple way you can reduce your screen brightness:

On your Home screen, slide down from the top to reveal the notification panel. You should see a brightness bar under the quick icon panel. You could either put it on auto mode or reduce the brightness manually. 

Make battery last longer - screenshot

3. Disable Live Wallpapers and Themes and Make your battery last even longer

When you use a live wallpaper or theme, you engage your processor to constantly work to process the looped animation on display. More work for the processor leads to more battery usage. 

Here is how to change your wallpaper (home screen background)

Tap and hold on to a space on your home screen. Home screen settings should display. Press on the wallpaper option. You would be presented with either going to the gallery to select an image or choosing a stock image as wallpaper.


4. Enable Power Saving Mode 

Battery saver mode is a special mode on mobile devices that are customized to extend your battery life automatically. Basically, it reduces the strain on the processor by limiting and optimizing the features on the phone. This decreases battery usage, making your battery stay alive for an elongated duration. (read more about BATTERY SAVER MODE

To activate battery saver mode, slide down on your home screen to display the notification panel. Next, slide down on the icons at the top to further display more icons on the screen. Tap on the battery saver icon to activate it.


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