bonobos engaging in sexual intercourse

This Animal (Bonobo) Engages in the Same Sex-Styles as Humans

Yes! You read the title right! Dogs are not the only animal to reign in the sex-style industry! Apparently, humans are not the only creatures in the world who have harnessed the full power of our sexuality. there is a contender in the list and it gets popular by the day. Lets introduce the bonobo!

This animal is known for having the most active sexual relations out of most animals in the wild. This animal is a close relative to the orangutan, Chimpanzees and Gorillas. The bonobos are very smart, social creatures that enjoy their privacy in the wild.

They has been observed to take mating to another whole level on it’s own. They use it for almost every expression they display.

Meet the bonobo!

This Animal (Bonobo) Engages in the Same Sex-Styles as Humans

A relative of the chimpanzee and the orangutan, the bonobo is a specie native to some certain parts of Africa.

The bonobos are closely related to the chimpanzee, so it possesses similar mental capacities and intellectual skills. One captive bonobo named Kanzi, for example, understands the meanings of approximately 3,000 spoken English words.

They are gentle beasts, observed to be far safer than their primate relatives in terms of interactions with humans and other species in both the wild and in captive. These are smart animals with high mental awareness and apparently high sexual drive as well!

The species is best characterized as female-centered and as one that substitute’s mating for aggression.

This Animal (Bonobo) Engages in the Same Sex-Styles as Humans

Amazing FACTS about the bonobo!

1. Bonobos engage in mating in virtually every partner combination. (male – female, brother – sister, sister – sister, sister – cousin, aunt – uncle, etc.!) They are Bisexual animals.

This Animal (Bonobo) Engages in the Same Sex-Styles as Humans

2. Whenever there is fight among members, they usually have sex to reconcile between themselves. After two bonobos have fought, for instance, they may come together for a hug and mouth-to-mouth kiss reconciliations!

3. They are among the only animal to engage in different sex styles! It is common knowledge that humans have termed several sex positions, with the most popular being “Missionary or face to face”, “doggy”, “wheelbarrow”. The bonobo has been studied to practice all of these sex positions and more.

These animals usually keep to themselves. The bonobo Hardly run into other wild animals or primates in the wild. Most species sexual behavior is a distinct category, mostly only engaging in it when the need to procreate arises. It could be also during heat period with the females. In the bonobo it is part of social relations–and not just between males and females.

In addition to that, sexual interactions occur more often among bonobos than among other primates. Despite the frequency of mating, the bonobos rate of reproduction in the wild is low. This is similar to other primates in the wild.

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