Top 10 Scary Horror Movies You Must See (Updated)

Top 10 Scary Horror Movies You Must See (Updated)

Horror movies have been a top movie category for millions of people. There is a saying, “people watch normal movies, only legends watch Horror movies!”

Fans of horror films, please accept my warmest greetings! Only a few handful are capable of getting terrified while viewing a film. Imagine yelling and rushing over a movie (which, by the way, you are completely aware is acting!). For practically all spectators, horror films are one of the most popular genres.

These films are made with the sole purpose of scaring the crap out of you as you watch them. From zombies, evil possession, to ghost haunting. There are many scary types of movies; each is guaranteed to keep you up at night.

These movies are the scariest movies ever made. DO NOT WATCH THEM WITH THE LIGHTS OFF!

Here are the top list of the Top Ten most Scary Horror movies out there

1. Exorcism of Emily rose

Top 10 Scary Horror Movies You Must See (Updated)

Based on a true-life story!

Horror, terrifying and shocking all in one movie!

This film is partially based on the true story of Anneliese Michel, a little girl who was supposedly possessed by demons.
Priests must go to great lengths to save a young woman who is thought to be disturbed by a demon, which took control of her body. 

You get to see the horrible events that take place when a kid is possessed by a demon, as well as the terrifying procedure of casting it out!

The movie "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" is based on the experiences of Anneliese Michel, a German lady born in 1952. She began shaking uncontrollably at the age of 16 and seeing demons. Doctors diagnosed her with insanity and grand mal epilepsy. Her devoutly Catholic relatives, on the other hand, felt she had been possessed by demons.

2. Blair witch project 1& 2 & 3

Top 10 Scary Horror Movies You Must See (Updated)

Three students decide to venture into a forest in an effort to uncover the mystery behind the Blaire witch. However, they soon regret their decisions.

This movie defines the true meaning of horror; and the best part is that you get to witness the actual reality from a first person perspective.

Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams, and Joshua Leonard are three student filmmakers who travel into the Black Hills near Burkittsville, Maryland, in 1994 to produce a documentary on a local legend known as the Blair Witch. The film that the spectator sees is said to be "recovered footage."

3. Paranormal activity 1 & 2 & 3 & 4

Top 10 Scary Horror Movies You Must See (Updated)

When a young couple move into a new home, they soon discover that they may not be alone in the house. They decided to set up cameras to document the supernatural events occurring in their house. However, they learn whatever was haunting them was more dangerous than they could ever imagine.

It is also first person perspective, and has three sequels to the terrifying story.

Katie (Katie Featherston) and Micah (Micah Sloat) are increasingly frightened by what appears to be a supernatural presence soon after moving into a suburban tract home. They put up video cameras throughout the house in the hopes of capturing proof on tape, but they are unprepared for the horrible events that ensue.

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4. The nun

The nun

What happens when the good turns bad? You get the nun!

A priest with a shady background and a nun on the verge of her last vows are dispatched to a convent to murder a nun. They quickly learn that even the home of God has unholy secrets and may be tormented by wicked forces.

The Nun comes at number four in our list of the top Scariest Horror Movies.

The Vatican sent a priest with a shady background and a novice on the verge of her last vows to Romania to investigate the death of a young nun and battle a malicious power in the shape of a demonic nun.

5. Veronica


Curiosity kills the cat! This movie proves this expression is true!

Veronica and her classmates use a Ouija board to try to contact the ghost of her deceased father during a solar eclipse. She quickly discovers that she had summoned someone into her house, but it wasn’t her dead father’s ghost.

Can she protect her siblings and her busy mother from the visitor she indirectly invited into her home?

The fact that “Veronica” is based on a true tale contributes to its scary nature. In 1992, authorities in Madrid looked into the death of a little girl who died in hospital immediately after tampering with a Ouija board. The case was never truly solved, and it is still “unexplained” today.

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Top 10 Scary Horror Movies You Must See (Updated)

6. The exorcist


A 12-year-old child is possessed and tortured by the devil HIMSELF!

It is up to a young pastor to save her life and cast out the darkness from her body; But can he act in time? Watch how the devil breaks him down also!

After playing with a Ouija board, Regan, a little girl, exhibits strange behavior. Regan is possessed by a demonic entity, according to Chris, her mother and an actress, who consults two priests.

7. It 1 & 2

Top 10 Scary Horror Movies You Must See (Updated)

The movie won the crown of the scariest movie in the twentieth century! So if you are easily scared do not watch this at all.

A horrible creature disguised as a clown likes manipulating and eating young kids. Things change when a group of terrified young boys decided to do something about it.

8. Insidious

Top 10 Scary Horror Movies You Must See (Updated)

This movie is absolutely terrifying I had to watch it with one eye closed!

A woman who has the ability to see and communicate with both good and evil spirits decides to use her powers to help people who are haunted. Some are easy, and some are dangerously terrifying.

Josh and Renai go to a new home in search of a new beginning. Paranormal happenings begin to occur in the house after their son, Dalton, inexplicably slips into a coma.

9. Alien

Top 10 Scary Horror Movies You Must See (Updated)

Finally! A movie involving alien’s join the list!

There are many sequels to this movie, reaching up to 6 parts entirely. All of them are horror and scary in the deepest sense! It is also action, thriller and a little sci-fi.

It isn’t that scary but it is still worthy enough to join our list of the top Scariest Horror movies you must watch!

10. Blood Red Sky

Top 10 Scary  Horror Movies You Must See (Updated)

A curiously ill mother must release a horrible secret to defend her small kid when a bunch of terrorists hijacks an overnight transatlantic aircraft.

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